The Hobbit Chopped Apart – My Reason To Avoid It

Recently my coworker diminished my anticipation for the upcoming film: “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” to below zero. Simply by telling me that they made three parts of it. For me this is the culmination of the make-more-parts-out-of-one-film-and-spread-them-over-the-years-stupidness. I understand: you can make a lot more money this way. You get the people to pay three times for one movie. And the same people buy the blue-ray of the previous film before they come to see the actual one. That is really a lot more money than simply one film.

And on the cost side you even spare some dimes with this strategy. You can recycle a lot of things (costumes, settings, …) in the next movie. And you have a crew that is accustomed to each other. That’s also worth a lot of money, of avoided hassle. But what about us, the fans? Actually I don’t hate seeing an open-ended film. I sometimes like it, when it is plausible and makes me think. But with “The Hobbit” that is a different case. I know the book, and I know that there are more films coming. Why in the hell should I go to the cinema right now? Self-punishment?

The argument, that they widened the content and included parts from the Silmarillion as well as side stories relating to “The Lord Of The Rings”, doesn’t convince me fully. It is alluring a bit. But in the first place: why did they omit the “Tom Bombadil” story from the first part of “The Lord Of The Rings”? Tom was my hidden hero, since I read about him. Now they are blowing up a decent story with none-related material. I don’t get it. I was so happy that “The Hobbit” gets made into a film. But now I really hate it!

I decided to simply avoid this movie, as well as the next, and maybe I will rent part one and two in 2014 and go to the cinema to see the third part (or wait until all parts are available on blue-ray). In sum this might still be more then I would have paid for simply going once to the cinema, but as a Tolkien fan I guess I have no chance. But I will not support this money-driven exploitation of good base material. At least not to its full extend: by going thrice to the cinema and buying the blue-rays. I hope others will join me in simply ignoring this first film, so that this audience-kidding-movie-making-strategy doesn’t bear fruits any longer. Otherwise, it will go on and on and on and might even get worse. In the end every at least a little bit anticipated film gets chopped apart to quench out more money off us.

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