[ANN] TheTasTaTur Mark 2

CherryML4100 keyboards

I know, I said I will not make a new keyboard in 2013. But … you know … it is quite hard … and I already ordered a few parts … and the plan for Mark 2 takes concrete shapes in my head. I guess the winter month are keyboard-making-month … A few days from know I will have some time and eventually something to report. For now here is a photo of the partially disassembled Cherry keyboards I bought at Ebay for nuts (10€ each). I will use the key modules and maybe even the keycaps. But it’s to early to say definitely.

Some more facts about the amazing second version:

  • The keyboard will not be made from wood, but cast with polyurethane resin.
  • It will be wired. Using a Teensy 3.0 as the main controller.
  • It will again be made of two parts.
  • Each part will have a Olimex Pinguino clone as the controller reporting to the Teensy.

The rest is still somewhat fuzzy or top secret ;-).

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