My first Award …

Just tonight I have been nominated as the 11th of 10 award winners by Rana from Virginia the Viruliferous. I feel honored and like to thank you again, this way.

Actually I can choose between: “Sunshine Award” and “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. I’m not sure if I deserve the former, since I feel more on the cloudy side of life. The latter is closer to the mark of my intentions for this blog. But I’m not sure if I’m really VERY inspiring. Nevertheless she has chosen me, be it as the extra one.Image

Since I’m quite new to the “blogger scene” and this is my first nomination, I only start to grasp the meaning and dynamics of those awards. I do my best to play the game by the rules. As far as I understand the whole affair by now, I have to answer a few questions and nominate blogs that I think also deserve the awards. The questions part looks easier. The nominations will become a little trickier, I follow not so many blogs by now and some of them are rather professional and I think are therefor not so good choices.

The Questions:

1) What inspired you to start blogging?

My colleagues urged me to do so. I had build my first keyboard from scratch and they argued that I should share my experience. In case someone would try to do the same, she could find relevant information here and therefor avoid some pitfalls. I had a hard time finding out everything I need to know and agreed with them. I started blogging in October 2012. I had so much fun writing those keyboard-related things down, I simply kept blogging after everything had been said about the keyboard.

2) What is your favorite blog that you like to read?

Make, came almost instantly to my mind.

3) What is your favorite color?


4) What are your passions?

There are many, here is a list (no special order):

  • My kids
  • Good red wine (I favor Spanish)
  • Learning
  • Open source software and hardware
  • Software developing in general
  • Programming languages
  • Software architecture and design
  • User interface design
  • Tinkering with electronics and mechanics
  • Reverse engineering, hacking things (software as well as hardware) apart and trying to understand how they work
  • Fantasy books, Elaine Cunningham being my favorite author
  • Mangas and Animes: One Piece, Bleach
  • Strange movies: Sucker Punch, Crank, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Snatch
  • … maybe more

5) What is your favorite animal?

This is easy and has one simple answer: the snowy owl. It is a deep old love. I consider the snowy owl to be my totem. As a little boy, when we were visiting the zoo, my parents had to take me straight to the snowy owls aviary. I was intensely watching them for many minutes before we could continue to other animals. Even now there is no zoo-visiting, without sitting for some time in front of those amazing creatures.

Found on Wikipedia. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Originally posted on Flickr by Connormah.

6) What is your dream job?

Being a founder and technical lead of a small but quite successful IT company selling the products (mainly software, but maybe also hardware) I designed. Nothing big like Facebook. More like 37signals. Their business model is amazing and an inspiration for me. I can highly recommend their book “Rework”, written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

Unfortunately I still lack the guts, the charisma and the connections. I would at least need a partner for those representational and bizz-talking things, a CEO if you will. Someone being able to code the nitty-gritty details with passion, would be great also.

7) How much time do you spend blogging?

That depends. In a normal week around 5 hours, I guess. But when the fever gets me, I think I spend around 20 hours blogging a week. Some weeks I don’t blog at all.

8) Do you watch TV? And if so, what are your favorite shows?

I try to avoid the TV. It is the main time killer, in my opinion. But sometimes I get sucked into, then I love to watch “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Mentalist” and … simply the things that are on air at the time.

9) What is your favorite flower?

My favorite is the famous and almost invisible No-Flower. I hate flowers. “Sinnloses Gestrüpp” – I don’t know how to translate that.

10) Looking at the posts of other nominees, the final questions seems to be free to choose. Well: Which country would you choose to live in, if you had to move?

Uruguay. I don’t know really why.

I said that once to my colleagues, back when Uruguay was semi-finalist in the FIFA soccer world championship and I bet on them becoming the champion. Now it is some kind of running gag. By now I know some things about the country and it might really not be the worst place to be.

The Nomination

I nominate the following blogs for the “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” as well as the “Sunshine Award”. It’s your choice:

  1. Learning By Shipping – is a very insightful blog about the perils in the software industry. It’s a must read for anyone being in it.
  2. The Thesis Whisperer – is a blog that helps you in getting your thesis done, which I (un-) fortunately still have to do.
  3. Tracy Cembor – Tracy Cembor’s blog has amazing art work, very good steampunk stories and recommends music I have never heard of (which is generally a good thing). The whole site seems to be a piece of art on its own.
  4. Rarasaur – as long as I’m following it, this blog was updated daily and picks up every weekly challenge and daily prompt with fresh, insightful and well written posts. Always a pleasure to read.
  5. harm•less drudg•ery – a clever blog about words, their meaning and grammar, from a rule maker (err, better a rule finder). That one made me realize, that the English language is so very rich and complex and that I still know shit about it.
  6. Genieve Gelada – if I ever travel to the Philippines I will book her for a photo session with my family. Very nice and atmospheric photos.
  7. cappy writes – Cappy furthers an amazingly wild blog with many outrageous and strange things happening.
  8. Kristen Otte – Kristen Otte’s blog has really good written posts. She covers writing, book recommendations, reviews and features indie authors you should check out.
  9. Eric John Baker – Mr. Baker shares many ideas about writing from the viewpoint of a freshly baked author. It’s very inspiring.
  10. Mr. Rhapsodist – provides some nice fantasy stories and fantasy book reviews as well as many thoughts and information regarding the fantasy scene.

Please don’t feel pressed to respond to this nomination in any way. For me it was quite insightful to answer the questions. But for you, heavily admired nominees, it’s possibly an old hat wandering about. If you feel bothered, I apologize.

7 thoughts on “My first Award …

  1. cappy writes says:

    Aww I appreciate this! I’m glad you find me inspiring! (Inspired to do what, I must ask…creep on people? Dance like a fool? Either way, I’m very happy)
    Have an amazing day! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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