Violence Begets Violence?!?


The current weekly writing challenge asks us about our opinion regarding the theory that violence in films leads to violence in the real world. I’m hesitant, at best. For me it is clear: there is NO connection. Not even a tiny one.

Violence in films has nothing to do with systematic problems of the society, either. No. There is no connection at all.

This whole discussion doesn’t lead anywhere, that’s why I hesitate to participate in it. I could try to argue my point across, but no one would simply accept it and change his believes in the process. That will never happen.

Just for the sake of stating my opinion, here are my reasons why I don’t think, that violence in films furthers violence in reality or viewed the other way around, real violence exists regardless of its display in films:

  • Humans are (sometimes rational) animals. Most of the time, we are acting instinctively and when you look at the wild-life, violence is everywhere.
  • Because of that, it is pointless to hide violence in films. The inspiration lays deep in us, and if you have ever witnessed your lovely little cat slaughtering a lovely little bird … you get the point.
  • Research in this area is pointless in my opinion. There are simply to many factors that could have been the root cause for violent behavior. But if I had to guess, I would bet on our animalic ancestry, deeply engrained in our neuronal make-up.
  • Wrongly wired (may it be interim) people will do wrong things. Regardless what triggered it. Might be a picture by Edvard Munch, witnessing a mad dog ripping another dog apart, some weird classical music that finds the right tone, some book or the display of senseless violence in Kill Bill.
  • The excessive display of violence ala Quentin Terrentino (just to name one) is a stylistic device. Sometimes it might be hard to acknowledge, but movies are art. Those things are meant to shock you.
  • Artists may have a bad taste. Taste is arguable.
  • Do you really mean to forbid the Looney Tunes because of their excessive display of violent behavior? There are even no consequences for them. Duffy jumps straight back on his feet after being squashed by an anvil.

I stop here, otherwise it would become even more ridiculous.

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