Commenting Habits

I’m just asking myself, what is the amount of comments that anyone bothers to actually read? A moment ago I read this post from Rara and I was about to comment, because I felt so … akin (a new word for me, hope this makes any sense).

I scrolled down willing to express my thoughts on the matter and realized, that there are already countless comments. Far before I reached the bottom of the page, where I actually could post my comment, I decided against commenting. The reason: I think it’s polite to read the comments of others. In case someone made a similar point, where I can build upon or if my comment would be simply redundant. Both cases do actually happen quite often.

Commenting without reading what others say – that crosses my mind whenever I find a post with a lot of comments, more then ten root comments I consider a lot – seems unfair and disrespectful regarding those that already left their thoughts.

If the matter is important and I have the time, I read even hundreds of comments, but swiftly. In case it’s just a funny coincidence, or something I riddled myself with, like in the case of Rara’s post, well I don’t comment. That feels rude and disrespectful too.

Because, I think Rara would have appreciated my comment – well at least I try to tell that myself. Might be, because I don’t get many comments … let me think … if I would get hundreds of comments a day mmhh … that wouldn’t make any difference.

I think every thought-through comment, indicating the commenter has read the post, is more than welcome to any blogger. If I’m wrong here and you feel molested, please tell me and I will immediatoly stop.

What made me feel akin to Rara and started this post? She talks about her urge to fix things she comes across. More precisely the things she’s an extended knowledge of. Well I often have the same urge. For her it’s advertisement, homepages, design and signages. For me it’s software architecture, user interface design and more general small and large scale complex systems. I stumble across so many overly complicated things, that could have made way simpler if anyone just had put any thought in simplicity when inventing the thing in the first place or changing it through the decades of it’s usage.

Do you know the book Designed for Use. Striving for simplicity in UI design could be its caption. Highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “Commenting Habits

  1. rarasaur says:

    I love comments! And I read every one, and dance around in a circle whenever I get one. 😉 Well, sometimes not literally, but always in my mind. I understand the commenting angst, though, I’ve written my share about that too. I’ve learned to just not read the other comments and just reply. From my perspective, it’s like I’m having and ongoing conversation with each of you individually. Even if two or three people say the same thing, it’s like I don’t hear it the same way– because I know things about you specifically as a person that makes it different from someone else’s same/similar comment.

    If I have time after writing my comment, I’ll go back up and read other comments and say a quick “hurrah for your thoughts!” if I find someone of a similar mind.

    I also like posts like this, whatever they’re called in bloggy words– “inspired posts”, maybe– so they’re always welcome as exchanges for or counterparts to comments. Honestly, I even like “likes”… it doesn’t really ever matter how many I get. It’s always exciting. 😀

    I agree with you about simplicity! I think that’s the key with a lot of things– including marketing, or design of products. If someone thought about it for four more seconds, it would be infinitely better!

  2. tric says:

    I love reading comments. Sometimes I read posts and i think “oh no your in trouble” and even though its wrong i read the comments in a sort of car crash tv sort of way. Other times I agree and am so intrigued and interested in others perspective. I do get you though I never comment if I have nothing new to add.

    1. Dirk Porsche says:

      Well, the cases you mention are intriguing me to read comments as well.

      But usually I came to the site to read the post. And when I finish it and there sticks some thought in my head, I have to leave that as a comment. Too many comments are holding me back to do so. If it’s important to me, I try to read all of them first. But that lets me sometimes forget what I actually wanted to say.

      Thanks for commenting …

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