Sketch153115151I can hardly resist to vomit into a corner, everytime someone comes up with a new and fancy 3 to 5 letter acronym for some stupid simple concept. BYOD, which stands for “Bring Your Own Device”, is another glory gory example.

If you haven’t heard of it, feel blessed, and close your ears for anyone mentioning it to you. It might be, that this is only some local movement, though. You know, we Germans tend to come up with such and similar stupid things by ourselves, from time to time. Most prominent and irritating example is the word handy meaning mobile phone.

Currently and for more than a year now (if I remember right) our (IT) press is polluted with articles about BYOD. Discussing the pros and cons, what you can/should/shouldn’t do about it, what rules to empower, … and on and on and on.

I bring my own devices, for more than four years now. Well before the acronym, and it’s hype came to existence. I do this, because my employer isn’t willing/able to provide me with the devices I enjoy working with. I tried a few times to get what I wanted, but failed, even with such a simple thing as a keyboard. I’m quite picky regarding certain things, I admit.

We have a corporate shopping cart, where you have to pick your equipment from. And a defined set of devices supported by our inhouse support crew. All that stifles your choices and there is nothing fancy left. Orderly things a bigger company is supposed to have? I guess not, much money is burned in managing that stuff. A little more trust in the capabilities of the employees – or enabling them, or get rid of those employees who don’t get it – would cost much less and would result in superior safety.

Nevertheless, I started to pay for my gear, with my own money. Since I’m supposed to know what I’m doing, it’s tolerated and I never had any issues. But I wouldn’t BMOD, if my employer would provide me with the things I need.

BYOD boils down to a lame excuse. Provide your employees with the equipment they think they need and the whole concept evaporates.

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