Two Weeks Off

I’m back after two weeks vacation. We were visiting my parents in Koserow on Usedom. There wasn’t actually much time to relax. Our friends, we have chosen to be our first son’s godfather and godmother, were there the first week. It’s a tradition to meet at my parents, since his baptism there, four years ago. The middle weekend was the baptism of the little one. And the last week was packed with visits to our family and the birthday of my mother in law.

This was the first major brake since I started blogging; forcing to ignore my itching fingers was really hard the first few days. I had basically no time on my own, so there are still around 200 mails to read, countless posts to check in the reader and some unwritten, but planned posts to write. I hope to catch up the next days.

I haven’t made up the order of the upcoming posts, right now, but here are some of the topics:

  • I promised to review “Strictly Analog” by Richard Levesque,
  • I finished reading “Pendragon University” by Kaitlin Smallwood, upon a recommendation by Rana, and decided to write a review as well.
  • Meanwhile, I have been invited to review the new book: “Discover Meteor“. I gladly accepted the invitation and will provide an in-depth discussion as soon as possible.

Because thinking time was sparse the last days, I’m only starting out. And I fear that there will soon pop up other topics that will catch my interest. But rest assured I will cover the topics above in the upcoming days.

What else? I’ve been in the cinema twice the last weeks, grandma and grandpa watching the kids. The first time was really bad: “Nachtzug nach Lissabon“. Pseudo intellectual touchy-feely nonsense, describes it best in my opinion. My wife and our friends didn’t agree with me, though.

The second film was “Fast & Furious 6“, which was surprisingly better than expected. In case you wonder why we chose those films, actually there isn’t much to choose from, in that special cinema. But it has other advantages, it’s the closest (in Zinnowitz, 5 minutes by car), it has tables, it has freely moveable launch chairs and you get food and beverages served to your seat during the movie.

I also managed to take a better shot of the Streckelsberg, Koserow’s infamous monument, I mentioned in an earlier post. Here it is and some more shots, I took during the stay.

DSC00410 IMG_1322 DSC00297 IMG_2035 IMG_2034 IMG_1937

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Off

  1. rarasaur says:

    The bubble picture is so cool! 🙂 It’s funny because I only started this last November, but I can’t imagine 2 weeks without blogging now. 🙂 It sounds like you had a great time, though, and kept busy with family– that’s cool! 🙂

    1. Dirk Porsche says:

      There are another three weeks this summer waiting for me. But then will be more blogging time, hopefully. We are living eight hours away from the rest of the family so there is always a lot to catch up.

      Hey we can celebrate our blogging birthday together 😉

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