Storm’s Coming (Merging #2)

I’m at the beach having a good time with my friends: Conrad, Paul, Sascha, other pals we meet here regularly and some girls, whose names I actually don’t know, cause Conrad brought them along and I don’t care much for ‘his’ girls. They will be replaced soon. I’m not as relaxed as I ought to be. There is this quite strange feeling of urgency.

I think about the weather forecast. There should be an abruptly shift in the evening. It’s quarter past three, now. So there should be plenty of time to enjoy the beach. But in the distance I glimpse a black wall of storm clouds and some roughly funnel shaped wriggling columns in front of it. I can make up four distinct ones. “Hey Conrad look, what’s that? Looks as if bad weather is coming.” I say. He boldly answers, without even looking: “Well, who cares, it is still far away, relax. Did I introduce you to Angel?” “No you didn’t. Hi Angel. I’m Dirk. Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you, too, wanna beach a bit?” Angel says. “Well, the court is free. Who wants to join?” I reply. Paul and Sascha share a brief look and readily jump up. They are trying to beat me the whole day. Now with an unknown girl on my side, they see there chance. I have watched Angel playing earlier, and she is quite good. Her style might fit mine quite well, so it will be a hard dance for them.

Exhausted and drained we bet them. 21:17. For the first time after being introduced to Angel, I face roughly the direction, where the black wall ought to be … the dark cold feeling is certainly back with a lever. “Holy shit, that thing is really fast.” I say, almost scream. “Pack your things up, fast, we should leave now.” I shout at my friends. Conrad and the others are still sun bathing and are moving very slow. “Hey little chicken, calm a little down, it can not be that bad.” Conrad snaps at me. “It is really bad. We should leave or we might get in trouble.” Paul repels. “Oh you chickens. Well then, but I hope for you that the world will collapse soon. Otherwise, I have missed the chance to perfect my tan.”

Our beach lays at the foot of a hill and has a steep coast. Sixty meters quite straight down. Made of sand with clay and sprinkling a few isles of small bushes and fallen trees. The slop is around 300 meters wide. Framed on both sides with thick copses. There are quite a few stairs to climb to leave the beach. The stairs are dug in the sand, going back and forth, are fostered with wooden branches and provide a simple wooden handrail. They are rebuild every few years, cause the winter storms are heavy and destroy the structure regularly. But it’s summer. There are no storms in the summer and the stairs are in a good shape.

Additionally there is this supposed-to-be-hidden underground structure, basically a bunker. It lies beneath the right hand copse, when looking down onto the sea. It reaches from sea level all the way up to the top of the hill. I have been told, in World War 2 it was created to supervise V2 tests. There are a still usable old style cage elevator in it and some rusty but usable half iron half concrete stairs. The bunker is used as a museum now and you have to pay to go through it.

Money is always amiss when you are a student, so we take the outdoor route, as regularly. Everything seems almost as usual when we reach the top, our cars are in sight. But behind us looms the black wall even closer. There are more than 50 “funnel columns”, better to say tornado vortexes. I haven’t seen so many at once. They are not far away now, if I would have to guess I would say: 3 to 5 kilometers. The air feels somewhat drawn. As if some real big vacuum cleaner sucks the air from the atmosphere. Everyone is panicking now.

Suddenly Conrad heads for the upper entrance of the bunker. I follow him. I catch him at the door. The storm begins to get really loud. I don’t understand a word he’s saying. We go inside and shut the door. We are trapped, but the bunker is maybe the safest place to be. We look at each other. He hardly seems to notice me. And turns to the staircase, before I can say anything. Everything is brightly lit, cleaned up and the place looks freshly painted. But it is really deserted. No one is in the bunker. Where are all the tourists and the stuff usually working here? As my attention comes back to my friend, I realize he already has a decent head start downstairs. I hurry to follow him. It feels like a very very bad idea to go back down to sea level. But I follow nevertheless.

As I arrive at the bottom of the staircase I see him. He is heading for the exit. “Oh no! STOOOPP! You can’t be serious!” I scream, he still doesn’t take any notice of me. To my left side is some kind of control room. The green security door, with such a wheel you know from submarines, stands open. It has a big security glas window faced toward the exit door. I see my friend through it. His hands on the pushbar. I can glimpse rough humanoid shapes, through the milky exit doors windows. ‘Who is out there? Did they mention the storm? Something is really weird’, I think. Conrad opens the door. I can see three men. Wearing black suits looking a little bit like uniforms or ninja suits or a sort of mix. They move slowly along the beach. Everything is filled with bright light. I can actually only see light and them. No beach. No water. Only light and those strange looking men.

Suddenly one of them turns for the open door. His skin is almost white with a hue of blue. His eyes are black. Even the white is black. Only black. I feel deeply frightened. ‘Where is Conrad?’. He must have backed away. I see him standing in an alcove, still quite close to the door. I hear him scream. Then, silence. His skin turns grey. He crumples. I turn away and …

woke up! I had this dream last night. And not for the first time. What it means? I have no idea. Some elements I described here, were actually not so clear. I have no idea who the people were in the dream. I inserted names from people I used to know, more or less randomly. The beach looks a lot like the place were I grew up. But still the setting is different. There actually is no bunker from the top of the hill to the bottom.

It disturbs me a little that the topic for the daily post is “nightmare” since last night I had this dream again. The last time before is surely a few month if not years back. And had a different ending: making us desperately trying to flee, but get caught by a huge wave. What do you think? What does this dream tell you?

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