First Steps (Merging #4)

RaphaelSmilingThis photo was taken at my elder son’s first birthday, now almost three years ago.

He is practicing walking and has obviously a lot of fun. My parents were visiting us. And you can see my mothers feet on the picture. She is supporting little Raphael in his walking attempts. He really had a lot of fun. He loves his grandparents.

My father was meanwhile installing our new heating system. After modernizing the bath room and the flooring when we moved in, this was the third bigger house renewal project. We bought our old little house just two years earlier and still have many things to bring to the new millennium.

My wife was preparing the evening meal. Myself and my sister in law were outside assembling Raphael’s new jungle gym, he has received as a birthday gift from his other grandfather. I know, a little early, but it has a baby swing integrated, and he loved swinging.

I guess only children are able to laugh from their heart and at the same time being photographed.

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