Flash Fiction: Path of Light (Merging #5)

Coming from the dark outer-space the brightness of surface-sunlight was so overwhelming. Her eyes burned. She tried to shadow her eyes with both hands, but had little success in doing so. Everything was light, she was looking straight through her eyelids, through her hands. And only then, she could see something. Something that might resemble a path. A path of light. A trail she was supposed to follow? She didn’t remember. She wasn’t able to hold onto any clear thought.

Ägypten 2005 536

She heard steps behind her. Someone talked to her. Words, words, but what do they mean? Everything was blurring, fading into each other. She stumbled. She was close to loosing consciousness. The welcome dark sucked at her.

Then something hit her. On the head, no her helmet. ‘A helmet? What the fuck?’ ran through her mind. Hands were grabbing at her. She fought desperately. Trying to keep them at bay. Stumbled again. Found her stance once more. The others arms where so strong. Suddenly. Darkness.

“Stoopid! Try’n get mad on your first day, hah? Have to lower the light vizor!” she heard the voice of her mission commander. When she opened her eyes she realized, that she had made a complete fool of herself. She hoped for a split second, that it only was commander Smith, who has witnessed her, almost-becoming-sun-crazy-on-the-first-day, but of course not. The whole crew was standing nearby. She couldn’t see their faces, but faintly heard the snickers and imagined the grins.

‘That will become a story for future Mars-Mission recruits.’ she thought and began unloading the landing capsule, pretending that nothing had happened.


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