I lost my right arm, the left eye, half of my tongue and seven teeth

Not literally, but well, it feels like. I’m sad to the bone, also. All energy has drained.

I fear, I have destroyed my MacBook.

All I wanted was the best, but … the worst case, the Super GAU, has happened.

Yesterday in the early morning I decided to clean my MacBook. Removing all the remains my greasy junk-food fingers have left over the past weeks. Paper towels, some water and a little bit of soap.

But, the towel was a little bit to wet. That’s my conclusion, at least, for what happened afterwards.

At first it was behaving almost as usual as I switched it on. Only the trackpad did strange things: the pointer was going in random directions by itself and it was always right clicking. Then a moment later some keys weren’t working anymore. Another moment later it was going down and didn’t respond to pushing the power switch.


Foto Foto (1)I opened the case. Put it on its side, the lid open and placed a ventilator in front of it. I have no hair dryer in the office.

Meanwhile I did look up similar cases in the internet and was shocked by the rate of complete destruction because of some droplets of water.

After two and half hours, impatiently waiting, I tried to switch it on in it’s drying position. And it responded. But I decided to give it a few more moments drying, just in case.

I attached the bottom case back again, tried to switch it on. NO RESPONSE. I unscrewed the case again. Put it back in it’s drying position, tried the switch and it WORKED.

I investigated further, attached the power connector and locked in. The power indicator in the menu bar displayed a black cross. The power connectors weren’t showing any lights. The battery charge indicator wasn’t responding.


I unplugged the MagSafe power cord and pulled the battery connector from the logic board. I learned how to do the latter while skimming through the last words of other poor souls. After that, the Mac did boot by itself when reconnecting the battery to the logic board.

But strange, the fan ran at full speed all the time and the power button didn’t respond. But I could shut it down pressing power for a few seconds.

PANIC (but resignation mixed in)

I urged my colleague to do something productive – some report we promised a while ago – basically as a distraction and to have that feeling of success to improve my overall cloudy mood.

Quitting time. I attached the case yet again, took it home, the kids to bed, found the right screwdriver box and spend the rest of the evening, another three hours, disassembling, drying and reassembling it. Nothing improved.


But after a short night, I remembered the SMC-thingy and that I didn’t reset it after the in-depth drying procedure last night. So I grabbed the straw and decided to take the MacBook to the office. After doing the reset. The battery indicators where lighting again.


Unfortunately the MacBook is still behaving somewhat strange when switching it on and off. And worse, the keyboard isn’t working at all. The ‘O’ is working, and that’s basically it.

I haven’t lost faith to get it fully working again. There are at least some life signs and the situation has improved, so it’s not absolutely lost.

Maybe I should disassemble it again. This time tearing the keyboard from the uppercase, I saw at least a million screws I would have to unscrew, though. So I’m hesitating.

Maybe I should replace the keyboard/uppercase? That’s not so expensive like a new logic board, after all. But that could be not enough. On the other hand, the power indicators are working again, so I have faith, that the logic board is ok.

Should I bring it to the next best Apple dealer? For a professional check? I don’t trust them much, though.

Do you have any tips or tricks I could try to bring my MacBook (it’s a MacBook Pro 13” early 2011) back to full life?

4 thoughts on “I lost my right arm, the left eye, half of my tongue and seven teeth

    1. Dirk Porsche says:

      Yes plenty, actually.

      The most trustworthy and competent seems Gravis in Düsseldorf.

      My Mac sits completely disassembeld on a cabinet. I will reassamble it on Sunday and hope, that it will work again.

      Otherwise I will carry it there and see if they can do anything about it. I checked the current models, though and prepare mentally to raise some money to buy an new one.

      This will become the most expensive cleaning session in my life, I fear.

      1. piecubed says:

        You could maybe put it in a bag with some rice, to get moisture out of it. Or maybe with a few of those silica gel packets.

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