Un-amputated, finally


After three days waiting for my MacBook Air to be ready to be shipped (do they build it in this time?), it made a decent journey across the Eurasian continent, which culminated in sight-seeing the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region.

There might be some configuration work left, but I feel fully able to work again.

2 thoughts on “Un-amputated, finally

    1. Dirk Porsche says:

      Well. Let me see. What did I juts add?

      XCode, TextMate
      Evernote, Things, Pomodoro
      Scrivener, OpenOffice
      OmniGraffle, Corel Painter Lite
      KeyRemap4MacBook (needed for full Neo2 key layout support)
      VLC, HandBrake
      Google Chrome
      Amazon Cloud

      On the command line:

      Never heard of Caffeine and Middleclick. Caffeine looks interesting. I work often on multiple computers, and need all screens always on. I have never needed a middle click, though.

      What are my favorite most essentials? Mmhhh … I guess I could live without all of them. At most I would miss the package manager (homebrew), I guess. It would be hard to use (only) Safari, as well, and I would really miss a decent text editor and painting and drawing tools …

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