Yet Another Cover – A Girl Named Cord

I’m alive, in case anyone has wondered.

I was pretty busy the last days, with making the cover for Briana Vedsted’s new book: “A Girl Named Cord”. It’s supposed to be published today. It was a tight schedule and didn’t leave much room for writing and reading blogs. Since I’m pretty occupied at the office, as well.

Well, here is the cover’s genesis in pictures.

CORD-SketchCORD-Colored CORD-Face CORD-Final5Flat CordFull

11 thoughts on “Yet Another Cover – A Girl Named Cord

      1. Briana Vedsted says:

        Yes, I had to add more boarder on the right and bottom, and I also had to take off the spine text, as Createspace already had it on the template. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, as soon as I figure out how to pay you, I’ll put you to work on another one. 😉

      2. Dirk Porsche says:

        The formatting issues are really bothering me. I followed their template to the millimeter. Are you sure you are using the right upload method there.

        I’m looking forward to help you with another cover. But a little break and some more preparation time would be nice.

        Well, our summer vacation is only days away, then I’m basically offline for three weeks. A next cover won’t be possible before mid September, I guess.

      3. Briana Vedsted says:

        Yes sir, I’m doing everything it tells me to. After I upload the cover art, it shows a red boarder that cannot be covering any text/important elements.

        Of course. I was only joking. I don’t even have another book ready. And I need to see if I can even get this one to sell better than the last two. If self-publishing ceases to work for me, I’ll start querying agents again.

        My next book will be coming out October/November and it already has a cover (through my publisher) and I don’t think I’ll publish anything else until December with a Christmas story I’ve been saving.

        Anyway, I hope you have a lovely summer vacation!

      4. Dirk Porsche says:


        I’m looking forward for new releases. Maybe you will write sometime something for us elderly, as well 😉

        Good luck for this book as well as the upcoming.

        By the way do you see any chance, that the paperbacks (Cord and Boot Hill) will be available in the German Amazon store?

      5. Briana Vedsted says:

        LOL! Elderly? So you want large print? I can do that! 😉

        Thank you! I appreciate all your help!

        Hmm, I don’t know. I’d have to find a way to translate them. I’ll look into that!

        Oh, and by the way, I’m setting up a PayPal account, which I have to wait a week or so to see if their ‘deposits’ made it into my account, and then I’ll be sending some money your way! 🙂

      6. Dirk Porsche says:

        No translation. Just the English version in the German store. Until now I can only find the Kindle version. But maybe it takes some time til it’s available there.

        I will wait.

        Large print won’t be necessary (I can make the letters really big on my Kindle), but a more challenging story with some twists, up and downs and an unexpectable, or hard to guess ending.

      7. Briana Vedsted says:

        Hmm, I thought the English version would be on the German store anyway. The paperback hasn’t finished being uploaded yet, so you might get it after awhile.

        LOL! I think I can do that. I’ll bet you’d like my fantasy series. After it is edited, of course. Even I am unsure of the ending yet! 😉

      8. Dirk Porsche says:

        Well, that explains it. Then I will sit and wait.

        I’m looking forward for your fantasy series then. Make the ending believable, but unexpected. Something weird/disrupting should happen.

      9. Briana Vedsted says:

        I think you’ll like my fantasy series (‘Magia’). It is still young adult, but with a lot more action/mystery. I’m only 1000+ pages into it, and no where even half done. But the problem is, I started writing it five years ago, and I’m going to have to completely re-write everything. It shouldn’t be too bad, as I plan on investing a lot of time in it this winter, though.

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