Am I Paranoid?

Maybe it’s just me? I think I’m a little bit paranoid, sometimes? Lately I called a bank because their ATM looked suspicious: some strange plastic appendixes, where their shouldn’t be any, at least in my opinion … You know, that degree of paranoia.

False alarm, by the way.

Yesterday and today I did get, by my standards, a huge amount of new followers. Usually I’m quite happy with that. But as I looked closer, almost all of their blogs have only one topic: the secret of making money with blogging. The posts are pretty bad, the writing, as well as the overall appearance. And of course their secret isn’t revealed in the first post nor in the second or third.

After the fifth new follower, thats being you: Super Nate, I came to the conclusion that this is just a new clever way to spam real bloggers. Auf Dummenfang gehen, we would say in German. Maybe if I had followed a link here and a link there I would finally be encouraged to order something for a ridiculous low price.

Hopefully will get rid of this soon. A spam checker for followers?

Might be, that you (my beloved and real new follower) can make a living by blogging and are so generous to share your secret. And that you even pick my lesser self to follow … geez … I guess that’s no one … or …

To every real person out their, which I have falsely accused, I apologise sincerely. It’s just my twisted mind.


3 thoughts on “Am I Paranoid?

  1. underwaterraven says:

    I get that quite a bit too with new followers :\ it’s either people who’re trying to sell something, trying to advertise their new business or who just seem to have WP accounts for no apparent reason. It’s incredibly annoying.
    And with regards the paranoia…the line between being safety-consciousness and being paranoid is a bit blurred (AND DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT MAKING A ‘BLURRED LINES’ JOKE OKAY), but I don’t think what you did was too bad 🙂 The difference with me is that even if I did notice something like that, I’m too scared of phone conversations to call the bank. (Seriously I have like this phobia of talking on the phone, it’s really weird).
    But anyway, I’m going to comment on your previous post because I forgot to this morning…

    1. Dirk Porsche says:

      Many banks have a contact form or contact email for that (saving money on call-centers), so in many cases you can write. But I understand you quite well, calling someone isn’t my favourite thing either. It was worse a few years ago. My now-wife had to arrange appointments for me, for the dentist for example. Embarrassing, right?

      But now: a communicative-job, kids, house, cars, insurances … I had to get used to it. Somethings aren’t worth bothering, I just went over it. But still, I prefer the written or face-to-face way.

      Have a nice day … and thanks for commenting.

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