Well. After a quite long break. I’m back. At least sort of. I don’t promise anything. And nothing you might have to say, or not, will change this. How could the latter …

It’s hard to tell, why I actually stopped blogging.

The great and beautiful blogger Rarasaur once asked why so many blogs simply disappear or are neglected after some inspired and flourishing first month. I did just that and still, I don’t have a simple answer for her.

I liked blogging – putting this words together feels awkward, it’s really been a while since I wrote something – and I still like it.

My enthusiasm started to fall apart as I was forced into a quite long blogging break, aka summer holidays. Afterwards I couldn’t really muster the time and power to pick up the pace again. I tried. I failed. There were (and still are) quite a few distractions, either. Prominently an engaging software development project.

The main problem might have been, that I put to much pressure on myself. I was following advises from the blogging gurus. Like: make a schedule and keep to it; create a series; be predictive for your audience; it’s all about continuity and expectations.

I guess, that was simply to much. To much of a burden.

There is another aspect: my character. It forbids to become really good at anything. I can become quite good, even very good (in some cases and with enough force). But not perfect, no specialist, no guru. I’m a generalist par excellence. And that really bothers me at times.

As soon as something becomes too detached from the reality around me – no obvious connection to the lives of others, no impact, no sense – I flee. I stop doing it, just to see if there is some consequence. For at least an extended period of time.

So this is my last promise: I WON’T PROMISE ANYTHING.


3 thoughts on “Promises

  1. rarasaur says:

    I missed this when you posted it, so sorry for the late reply! I think the promise for no promises is awesome. I understand the restrictive nature, too– it’s why I don’t have a niche, or a schedule, or even regular segments. I just can’t do it without feeling the urge to run away.
    The generalist par excellence hit home for me, too. I think I’m very much the same way.
    At least we’re in good company, yeah?

  2. piecubed says:

    Hey Dirk, glad to see you’re back. I’ve had a similar issue. After posting 4-5 times a week for a few months in a row I got kind of burned out. The weather got really hot and I became less and less productive during the summer. After that it was hard to pick back up the rhythm.
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff, if you ever do post anything else (no pressure!).
    Also, I’m learning javascript right now so I might go back and read some of your posts and actually understand them!

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