Help Denis

… to keep his hair.

Today I stumbled upon the “Made With Meteor” web page. It’s basically a simple web app that allows you to promote your own Meteor app. At the same time you are helping the ecosystem, because you can showcase what is possible with Meteor. The top-voted app is Pintask, a really cool Trello clone. Clone is not the right word here, since it’s outperforming the original in many aspects.

After registering and playing around with the app, I found an email by one of it’s creators Denis. He contacted me and asked for help. Since he made a (silly) bet with his colleague that the app will have 200+ votes on April the 30th (on “Made with Meteor”). If not Denis will shave his head off. So please help him, to keep his hair. All you need is a Meteor developer account and than please click on the tiny arrow.

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