Transparency, Big Brother and Double Standards

What do you think? What would happen if everybody could easily access every little detail about anyone he wants, instantly? Even get notified about certain events (like Google Alerts).

Wait! Don’t think 1984.

There is NO EXCEPTION; no elite class that is able to plan secretly how to control the rest of us. Everything is always known about anyone. The information is freely available!

What would happen?

We all know that we behave brave(r) and more moral when we are aware of being watched and judged by others. Now we are always watched by others. NO EXCEPTION.

‘Nice dream’, you might think.

‘That can’t possibly work.’

‘Humans need their secrets and they need to explore their dark side, in private.’

But imagine there is NO privacy. What would happen?

Would they try to undermine the system? Perhaps. Would they try to live up to our current ethical standards? For how long?

My dream, my conclusion, is that the ethical standards would adapt to the lived reality, NO DOUBLE STANDARDS anymore. It might take some time. Some might try to keep the standards they grew up with as long as possible.

Wouldn’t that be relieving? Anyone could always be herself. They know already, if you want it or not. No need to be ashamed. You did what you did and everyone knows. So what? They still hang out with you. Or make business with you. They are no better, you know that as well.

I here the Christians scream: ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’. In their eyes, standards will deteriorate, but that’s inevitable. To get rid of double standards you have to adjust to the reality, to some middle ground if you will. Many of those nasty hidden things are not acceptable and they won’t be in a I-KNOW-EVERYTHING-ABOUT-YOU-FUTURE. And that’s a good thing. Usually there are laws that get broken, anyways. We would even help and protect the victims; before they even get victims, ideally.

Not to mention that some laws need some revision and some might become obsolete even.

What do you think? It’s like Google, Facebook and the agencies (CIA, NSA, …) would open up their data vaults to the public with a sleek user interface.


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