Picture of the a intermediary result of TheTasTaTur Mark1The reversed nature of a blog makes it somewhat hard to follow a larger topic back through the time. To make it a little easier I decided to create this page were I will basically provide links to the original blog posts but in chronologically order. Additionally I will summarize each post to help in finding required information and interesting topics.

Post Nr.  1 – The Beginning:

Answers the following Question(s): Why am I doing this? Where came the inspiration from?
The following Topics are touched: keyboard layouts, available high-end ergonomic keyboards

Post Nr. 2 – Requirements and Keyswitches:

Q: What were the requirements for my ideal keayboard? How do you mount Cherry ML key modules on stripboard?
T: types of key modules, mechanical key switches

Post Nr. 3 – Keyboard Matrix and Key Layout:

Q: How does polling / scanning a keyboard matrix work? What was the key layout I decided initially upon?
T: Arduino code for scanning a keyboard matrix, ghosting, key rollover

Post Nr. 4 – Key Debouncing:

Q: What is bouncing? How do I debounce the keyboard matrix?
T: Arduino code for debouncing a keyboard matrix

Post Nr. 5 – The final version:

Just showing a picture of the final version besides my MacBook.

Post Nr. 6 – Arduino Uno and Power Part 1:

Q: Why did I choose the Arduino Uno? What were the drawbacks and problems I faced?
T: some background regarding my microcontroller experience, the danger of LiPos

Post Nr. 7 – Parts, Labor, Costs and Duration:

Q: Which parts did I use? How much did everything costs? How much time did I spent building the keyboard?
T: making custom key caps from wood and metal pins, costs, labor

Post Nr. 8 – Bluetooth HID and Key Layout Translation:

Q: How did I program the communication with the computer using raw HID packages? How did I translate the key presses from the Neo2 layout of the keyboard to the standard layout of the host?
T: sniffing USB packets, configuring the BlueSmirf, mapping keys and modifiers

Post Nr. 9 – Simple RF Trials:

Q: Why did I fail establishing wireless communication between the keyboard parts? What did I try to get it working?
T: different techniques for wireless communication with very basic RF modules

Post Nr. 10 – Thumbstick and Mouse Buttons:

Q: How I configured a BlueSmirf HID as a combo device? How I read a thumbstick and send raw mouse packets?
T: sniffing usb packets, configuring the bluesmirf, sending mouse packets as well as keyboard packets

Post Nr. 11 – Wired Communication:

Q: How I set up a basic protocol for sending key presses and mouse moves across the wire?
T: a basic protocol for serial communication

Post Nr. 12 – Power Part 2:

Q: How to use a force sensing resistor and the Arduinos interrupt pins? How to circuit a LM358 to trigger the interrupt?
T: operation amplifier, lm358, circuitry, force sensing resistor, low power Arduino, sleep mode

Post Nr. 13 – Sum up:

Q: What did I achieve? What would I do different the next time?
T: hardware driver, nipple mouse, track ball, professional PCBs, CNC services, more ergonomic key orientation

Post Nr. 14 – The movie

Just a link to a YouTube video featuring me typing on “TheTasTaTur Mark1”.

Post Nr. 15 – Ever thought about patents?

I did.

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